Scam targets Wells Fargo customers by text message

(WTVY) There have been reports of Wells Fargo customers being scammed through text messages.
The text says that the customer's card has been temporarily blocked and ask the customer to call the number listed.
When customers call, a recording says "Thank you for calling Wells Fargo" and then this, "welcome to Wells Fargo..please entered your debit card number, followed by the pound key."
Once you enter your debit card number, it will ask you for your pin number.
Wells Fargo says they are aware of the situation and would like to remind customers to not provide personal information to any source.
Wells Fargo does not contact customers by text to request personal informatin or account details.
Any such activity should be considered suspicious.
If you recieve a suspicious phone call, text, email, or other communication requesting information to their account,
you should hang up and contact the company directly.
Wells Fargo can then take action to secure your account.
If you feel you are a victim of identity theft, you should visit the fraud information center: fraudinformationcenter

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