Say It Hotdogs and More opens in Dothan

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DOTHAN, Ala. A new local restaurant has opened their doors for the first time during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Say It Hot Dogs and More has been in business just over a month.

Opening any business is a difficult task but especially during a national pandemic.

"We debated whether we were going to start or wait and we just wanted to give Dothan something new. Just a variety of different things. Me and wife sat down and talked about it and we said if anything we can put our name out there," Edgar Walker, co owner of Say It Hotdogs and More said.

That's exactly what the Walker family did.

Say It Hot Dogs and More offers a variety of dogs, topped with chili, mac and cheese and even peanut butter.

"Me and my wife are both former educators and I heard the kids used to say all the time there's nothing really to do here. And I used to tell the kids all the time to leave Dothan and go find something somewhere else and bring it back to Dothan and make Dothan better," Walker said.

And during these uncertain times, customers are working with the business.

"No one is actually going inside, you order at the window and the people have actually doing a great job. If someones at the window they give them the distance to do what they need to do and they'll move out of the way and let the next person order. The people have actually made it easier for us to be able to function the way we need to function," Walker said.

As they refuse to accept the adversities of Coronavirus.

"Well I hear a lot of people say that this is the new normal and I refuse to accept that. I feel like we could turn around and get back to the way we used to be if we do it properly and figure out a way to make it good again," Walker said.

All it takes is hard work, Walker thanks his step dad for showing him how.

"My step dad, he used to go and say, say it all the time and that was his signature thing. You would call his name and he would just yell out say it. And so 44 years later it was a tribute to him because of him showing me how to be a hard worker," Walker said.

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