Samson Elementary School unveils Bicentennial Project

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SAMSON, Ala (WTVY) - The town of Samson has a new way for people to check out a new book.

Samson Elementary is one of the 200 schools in Alabama named as a Bicentennial School. It received a $2,000 grant in honor the state’s 200th birthday.

Tia Palmer, a 4th grade teacher at Samson Elementary School, applied for the grant. They unveiled the new book box on Wednesday to encourage reading around the community.

Some of the Samson High School students mentored students from the elementary school while building the box.

“The high school kids they enjoyed it as much as the little kids did because they enjoyed teaching them how to use all the things they have learned,” said Palmer.

The book box is located outside the Samson Senior Citizen Center and is open to all the community. All you have to do is open the door, grab a book, enjoy it and return it.

“Since it's open to everyone of all ages there will be kid books, adult books, every genre of book. So the community is welcome to come out and just browse through the books that are available,” said Palmer. “It's free, Bring your old books. Take a book home to enjoy and keep the process going.”

The $2,000 grant was encouraged to be used in conjunction with the community. Along with the book box the school bought art supplies for the students to use.

“We encourage them to think about community members who are impactful in their lives,” said Samson Elementary School Principal Rena Averett. “So they drew pictures about those community members and then we invited and displayed the art and had the community come in. Students recognized family members, church members, business owners."

Two hundred schools in the state were named Bicentennial Schools and received a $2,000 grant.

The Wiregrass area schools are:
Coffee County - Elba Elementary School and Elba High School
Dale County - Harry N. Mixon Intermediate School
Geneva County - Samson Elementary School
Henry County - Headland Middle School
Houston County - Montana Street Magnet School, Rehobeth School District, and Webb Elementary School

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