Safety measures at the National Peanut Festival

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DOTHAN, Ala.(WTVY) -- With all the activity at the National Peanut Festival, organizers want to make sure everyone is safe.

They're taking extra precautions when dealing with large crowds.

The Houston County Sheriff's Office, Dothan Police Department and the Peanut Festival's security detail are all on the ground.

Every morning they hold a safety planning meeting to discuss the previous day's concerns.

Festival organizers are always evaluating all plans to ensure everyone is safe at all times

National Peanut Festival Safety Coordinator Scott Palmer said, "Any kind of disaster. We do have a plan on paper, that's a disaster plan. We go over it every year. We go over safety. We do a walk through the midway and the festival, so we kind of know where each location is, because if something is called out, you'll know which ride or which area of the festival to go to."

Officers look for missing kids, and anyone carrying a large suspicious bag.

Although there are no metal detectors in place organizers say they are exploring that option for future festivals.

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