Sacred Harp Singing Worship

Published: May. 1, 2016 at 11:21 PM CDT
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Going to church on a Sunday is a usual occurance for a majority of people, regardless, if they follow the good book, line for line or just practice religion on a casual basis. Church does involve a majority of things, including reading sacred texts, possibly listening to someone preach and listening to music.

Singing is something that’s just a part of religion no matter what denomination. And for over a dozen people from all across the wiregrass, they practice religion in a non-convential, traditional way.

Sacred Harp singing, involves, no instruments, no sacred text, just a song book and lines of sheet music. But not just any sheet music. Sacred Harp uses non-traditional musical notes. In classic sheet music, generally, a note is circular or has a line coming from the circle. But as far as Sacred Harp music notes are consided, their notes, involve, circles, squares, triangles, and diamonds.