SARCOA needs your help building ramps for disabled

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DOTHAN Ala. (WTVY) -- Coming in and out of the house is something we do nearly every day, but for some with disabilities it can be difficult without the use of a ramp.

SARCOA needs your help solving that problem.

The process to build an ADA compliant ramp can take anywhere from one to two days.

"It depends on the volunteers and how many we have," SARCOA Director of Community Resources Terri Francis said.

Pretiece Worthy suffered a stroke nearly five years ago and uses a wheelchair to get around. She has been in and out of her house weekly without a ramp during that time.

"Only if I'm going to the store or church or to the doctor, but I do get out the house," Pretiece Worthy said.

She had been on a waiting list with SARCOA for a year before she had a ramp built in late 2019.

"I was happy,” Pretiece added. “I was glad. I couldn't wait for him to finish. When he got halfway down he said you can come out and I told him no I'll wait until you finish the whole thing."

Most people might take for granted the simple task of walking up and down your stairs every day, but for others it's a process one that could be solved with a ramp.

"Some people are just trapped in their home and can't get out without any assistance," Francis said.

SARCOA has plenty of supplies to build the ramps--but they lack something else.

"We are overwhelmed by the number of responses for people that need ramps so we just need volunteers to be able to supply the need," Francis added.

SARCOA makes volunteering as easy as possible--they'll work around your schedule --so you can make a difference and help someone like Pretiece.

"So nice for someone to volunteer their help and able to get a ramp built for them to be able to get in and out of their house," Pretiece said.

SARCOA covers 7 counties in southeast Alabama.

If you would like to volunteer by build a ramp, you can visit SARCOA’s website.

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