SAMC gets new Leo beds for premature babies

DOTHAN Ala. (WTVY)- A Dothan hospital is the first in Alabama and just the second in the country to offer Leo beds for premature babies.

Leo beds are the newest technology that many hospitals are trying to get.

These special beds reduce the number of times a premature baby has to be moved or stimulated.

A good thing because every move affects the developmental health of the baby.

Sheri Smith the Nursing Director for NICU says “it takes care of maintaining a neutral thermal environment for the babies which means they don't have to use their calories to keep their body warm or to heal their body bodies get really worn out and babies have to maintain their temperature to be able to do that these beds were able to do everything for that baby in that one bed it will take the place of every other bed until the baby needs a crib in the NICU."

Businesses donated more than 125 thousand dollars for baby Leo beds.

Donors such as brave beginnings Wiregrass Electric and SAMC Foundation Phillies.

Being able to get local care instead of traveling to another county makes all the difference to parents in this situation. SAMC’s goal is to have all 16 beds upgraded in the near future.

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