SAMC Otolaryngologist explains symptoms of oral head and neck cancer

Published: Apr. 4, 2018 at 9:09 AM CDT
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April is oral head and neck cancer awareness month.

These cancers can affect your nasal passage and your oral cavity, which is your mouth all the way to the bottom of your throat near your esophagus. Your voicebox and dentures can also be impacted. Causes include family history, HPV, sun exposure, tobacco usage and drinking.

“Any lumps or bumps in your neck that weren’t there or going down over a week or two, losing weight that you’re not trying to, and waking up with night sweats, that’s something else you should think about,” said SAMC Dr. Ryan Gegg, and Otolaryngologist. “Any bleeding from any sight including your mouth, coughing up blood, bleeding from the nose that’s not heeling”

Pay attention to those symptoms. Dr. Gegg adds that oral head and neck cancers can be treated effectively with a 5 year success rate, if they are caught early.

For more information visit or call Dr.Gegg’s office at 334- 793 – 6673 .