SAFE Areas Downtown that DON'T have Tuberculosis

Photo: Pexels / MGN

DOTHAN,AL (WTVY) Last week the Alabama Department of Health reported two local people have tested positive for active, contagious tuberculosis. The infection was linked to at least one club in downtown Dothan. Downtown leaders however, say they know what areas are safe.

Foot traffic has been slow this week on Foster Street since two adults tested positive for active, contagious tuberculosis.

"The two cases frequented a couple of clubs in particular very regularly but they also went to other clubs in the same area,” said Pam Barrett, Director of TB Control. “But there are two in particular that they are more associated with. "
The Alabama Department of Health will not identify the two clubs.
The main reason the names of the two clubs that were affected haven't been released is because,

"We don't want to say it was club X and only people who go to club X come to be screened because you know the people who go to club Y,” said Barrett. “The cases may have been in club y as well."

But Jansen Tidmore with the Downtown Dothan Redevelopment Authority (DDRA) says they are not in the heart of downtown.

"The bars that we work with very often are bullets, and KT’s and Chill and District and none of those are targets here, “ said Tidmore. “So the business that we work with consistently and that are part of our foster fest and our events, none of those clubs have been identified as the problems here."

One of the owners of District says she isn't worried.

"We just want to make sure people feel comfortable coming back downtown,” explained Kelly Handel, Co-Owner of District. “There is no scare there is no need to be alarmed. We have taken precautions and my husband has been tested with his job and the test has come back negative, so we are 100% certain that you will not get TB from our establishment or any other ones that are down here."

To help raise awareness and prevention in downtown, the health department is passing out fliers.

"It's an air-borne bacteria that when someone has active TB and coughs or sings or speaks, in the same enclosed area as someone then they can pick up the TB germ from them, “ added Barrett. “ Now not everyone who picks up the TB germ will develop active TB.”

They want anyone who has symptoms to get screened.

"People who have been exposed to active TB only have a small chance of developing active TB once they've been exposed,” explained Barrett. “Unless you have known someone that has the signs and symptoms of active TB then there is no reason to change any routine or any schedule. I would feel comfortable going into any club in downtown Dothan and I don't even know downtown Dothan."
The screening will be next Monday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the Houston County Health Department.

It is free and will take 5 to 10 minutes. If you can't make it you can make an appointment. Just call 334 – 479 – 2079.