Rylann Day is home, recovering and looking to say thank you

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HARTFORD, Ala. (WTVY) - January 6th marked a new normal for 10 year old Rylann Day.

In August, Rylann was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy or an enlarged heart, and was fortunate enough to receive a new one exactly 4 months later.

Rylann says, "I knew that I was gonna feel way more different."

What Rylann did not know, is exactly how the organ donation process works.

"I also would feel sad because I didn't know at first that a person would die to give me their organ.." Rylann says.

Ever since Rylann learned the process, she became curious wondering who gave her this new heart?

Her mother Jessica says, "Her dream is to meet the person and to let whoever this child belonged to maybe listen to that persons heart beat, listen to her.. just like she has multiple times while we were at the hospital."

So while Rylann is recovering, she decided to write a letter to the donor's family in hopes they have the same burning desire to meet her as she does them.

"I would thank them for doing this and making a good decision for giving an organ to someone."

In order to get Rylann's special letter to the organ donor's family, she has to send it through the family's liaison, who will deliver it to them personally in hopes they respond.

Rylann is expected to return back to school around April.

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