Roaming dogs becoming a problem in Brundidge

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BRUNDIDGE, Ala. (WTVY) -- People in one neighborhood are upset saying their community is going to the dogs.

Randy Harvey is a Brundidge resident and he says that roaming dogs are becoming a problem for him and his neighbors.

He said "Every corner you look, there's a pit bull or a hare-breed dog, there's been a lot of them raised around here."

He's seen all kinds of roaming dogs running across his property and snacking out of neighbors' trash.

"They come across in packs, I've seen quite a few, running up and down this hill, Galloway Rd, at one time turning over a lot of garbage cans."

While the damage has been limited mostly to disturbing the peace in a couple of neighborhoods, Harvey would like to see the city of Brundidge have a proper animal control and dog catcher before something worse happens. Harvey wants the city to find the money to make the hire.

He says "We need a dog catcher here on the job, not only where he can catch stray dogs, but where he can go around and if a dog's not legally tagged, or legally fenced in or legally chained that he can pick em up."

We called the Mayor and City Manager of Brundidge to get their side. So far, they have not returned our calls.

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