Dothan Commissioners discuss roadwork on Honeysuckle Road

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DOTHAN, Al. (WTVY) -- One thing that's always talked about in Dothan is traffic.

Plans to improve parts of Honeysuckle Road could soon be moving forward.

Tuesday morning, city commissioners discussed possibly widening parts of the road and building a connector that would help people driving from south Dothan to Westgate Parkway.

Public Works Director Charles Metzger says, "That intersection at Hwy 84 and Westgate and Hwy 84 and the Ross Clark Circle, they're very congested areas."

At the next meeting, the Dothan City Commission will vote on hiring someone to come up with the blueprints for what all this work would look like.

That would cost around $2 million dollars.

"This is a project that could possibly be 2 years, hopefully getting work started."

The next step, after plans are drawn up would be buying right of ways to help with expanding.

City officials want to extend the current roadway from South Park Avenue all the way to Campbellton Highway.

City commissioner John Ferguson says, "My selling point would be, if you sell or donate the right of way, then your property value increases over night."

Construction work on Honeysuckle wouldn’t begin for two years, if the project gets approved in two weeks.

It would take another three years or so after that to finish the project.

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