Retail Stores Prepare for Potential Post-Game Rush

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Bama fans are hoping for a victory tonight
Sealed boxes of National Championship products were delivered to retail stores across the state.
If the Tide brings home a victory, Bama fans will make their way to purchase these items.

Saban nation is ready...and should Alabama bring home another title.
Stores are prepared for a mad rush of Bama fans.

Shannon Collins owns ScreenTech in Dothan.
He says they have been prepping the whole football season.
"We saw that both Alabama and Auburn were having good years and there was that possibility so we had to try to plan our production and our inventory requirements for our holiday and Christmas sale based on that so did add some product this year in anticipation and fortunately it's worked out."

ScreenTech is fully stocked with Bama gear pending a win.
"We have something that we're doing for the game and also for the rest of this week, everything we have is buy one get one... So we're doing something that is very special in honor of the game but you know also to give back to people in this area."

Academy Sports and Outdoors is also gearing up for the potential post-game rush.
Alabama gear started coming last week and the rest arrived today.

Jerry Turner, Store Manager for Academy Sports and Outdoors says:
"We've actually got men's, women's, and youth tees...we have some hats and also some novelty items."
Their staff is ready to serve.
"We'll open back up along with 16 other Alabama locations. We will open until the merchandise basically sells out."

So whether you're pulling for Bama or the bulldogs tonight...
This is an exciting time for the Tri-state area.

Collins finishes with:
"I don't think people truly realize the time they are living in because this is something that has never been done before... What coach Saban has done at Alabama going for his fifth title in nine years at Alabama and certainly in the years of limited scholarships it's never been done so it's a special unique time, no doubt."

If Alabama doesn't win tonight....
All products are returned to vendors and then shipped to nonprofits in third-world countries.

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