Commission may remove sunset clause from education tax

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — Dothan City Schools and Houston County Schools want to remove the sunset clause from a one-cent sales tax for education.

Legislators established the one-cent tax in 1986, revised it in 1989 and extended it in 2014.

County Commission Chairman Mark Culver says, it seems repetitive to continually renew a tax that remains vital to education.

Currently, the county's one-cent sales tax is set to expire after 2030.

County Chairman Mark Culver said, "Counsels won't issue bonds longer than the terms of the tax because they don't have any guarantee that the tax will be there. It's really no reason for the sunset it always gets moved forward and any future commission that wanted to do away with the tax could just do it by legislation."

Commissioners will vote on removing the sunset clause from the sales tax at Monday’s regular meeting.

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