Rehobeth students write letters for Parkland students

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REHOBETH, Ala. (WTVY) - Students at Rehobeth High School wrote letters of encouragement for the surviving students in Parkland, Florida.

Following the mass shooting, killing 17 people at a high school in Florida, some students took it upon themselves to create letters of love and encouragement for their peers.

"What I am more focused on is that these kids are suffering.. um they don't need to hear constant political battles back and forth.. they need encouragement, they need comfort, they need consolidation.. that's all they need right now, and if I can give that to them then that's what I am going to do." -- Savannah Sapp, RHS Senior

Each letter contained a form of message, either hand written or drawn, that empathized with surviving students of the tragedy. They also included their social media pages in hopes of making a lasting connection.

Overall, a total of nearly 300 anonymous letters were sent to the students in Parkland. They expect them to be delivered some time within the next week.

"The genuine kindness of my students motivates me to be the example in the classroom. Yes, good grades are super important but in the large scheme of things being a good person is more important. My students inspire me everyday, whether its a lesson on what not to do, or an example of what to do. Empathy is something I try to teach my students, and writing letters/cards is a display of showing empathy in a time of need." -- Jillian Taylor, RHS Teacher

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