Rehobeth HS seeking donations for NJROTC program

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REHOBETH, AL. (WTVY) - Alison North is no stranger to competing at the Navy JROTC National Orienteering Championship.

Alison North, Commanding Officer with Rehobeth High School NJROTC, says "It might seem like a lot going in but you just have to remember that it's like any other's just a meet with a bunch of other people that you might not know."

This will be the third time North s competing on the national level.

"Last year I actually had a chest infection before Nationals, which was nice. So, I was on antibiotics and I probably should've prepared for that a little bit more but this year I am ready to go," said North.

Orienteering requires navigational skills using a map and compass to get from point A to point B…all in unfamiliar territory.

Madison Brown, Cadet with Rehobeth High School NJROTC, says "There's a lot of terrain...big mountains and if you get lost, you don't have a phone to use. You have to use common sense"

Kayra Tice, Operations Officer with Rehobeth High School NJROTC, says "It's like a mental thing. You can't just, "Oh, this is so easy!" and then you start going up a hill and then you're like "This hurts really bad!" but you got to keep pushing."

Donations are needed not only for the cadets to take advantage of this rare opportunity…but for their program in general.

Jeffrey Treude, Lieutenant Commander for Rehobeth High School NJROTC, says "We orienteer, we have air rifle competitions, we have drill competitions, we march in parades, and we do color guard for various events."

“We have rifle team trips and we have drill's a big opportunity for anybody to learn and for anybody to just get together and make some new friends," replied North.

The 2019 National Orienteering Championship will be taking place February, 15th-18th in Vasquez Rock, California.

The team is looking for donations.

If you would like to donate to Rehobeth High School’s NJROTC Program, you can mail any monetary donations to Rehobeth High School. You can even drop it off personally in the front office.

The mailing address for Rehobeth High School is:
Rehobeth High School
373 Malvern Road
Dothan, Alabama 36301

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