Registering home security video systems could help solve investigations

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MARIANNA, Fl. (WTVY) -- Surveillance video helps investigators solve all sorts of crimes, but finding it sometimes means going door to door.

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The Marianna Police Department launched a new program to make getting security camera video a little easier.

This program won't be possible without the community's help.

Business owners and homeowners are being asked to register their security systems with the police department.

Authorities will only contact you if a crime happens in your area.

Your video could help track vehicles, establish timelines, and identify suspects.

Registering does not give police a direct link to your security footage; It only lets them know that your camera may have caught critical evidence to help build a case.

“We would actually physically go to the house and ask them ‘Hey a crime occurred next door and you have a camera do you mind looking or allowing us to look at any video footage that may be on your camera or system that may help us locate a suspect,’” Marianna Police Chief Hayes Baggett said.

This program is completely voluntary.

A link to register your security system is on the city of Marianna website under the police department tab.

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