Recent rainfall is music to the ears of peanut farmers

Peanut crop field in Worth County, Georgia (Source: WALB)
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SHINGLER, Ga. (WALB) -- For the first time in weeks, farmers are starting to see rain once again.

Ken Hall has been growing peanuts for decades, and he knows that when farmers see continuous rainfall, they’re more likely to produce a good harvest, which helps the economy thrive.

“When we get the rain we need, then we shut them [irrigators] down,” he explained.

Right now Hall’s irrigation systems are off. But before then: “The extreme heat and dry weather was really taking a toll on our crop.”

His 1,200 acres of peanuts spanning Worth County near Shingler, GA need an inch of water per week.

“For us it takes anywhere from seven to eight dollars up to as much as $20 per acre to put an inch of water depending on horsepower that you use. So when we can get anywhere to an inch and a half to two inches of water that’s a significant savings for us.”

This keeps thousands of dollars in his pocket, and helps his peanuts grow.

“Peanuts, being a tropical plant, like weather much like we’re having today... like cloudy, humid type weather without the extreme high temperatures,” said Hall.

His peanuts need to see up to two inches of water per week for the rest of the season to help his finances and crop alike.

“If we could get the rainfalls like we had in previous years, it’s a significant savings on our part.”

One of the challenges with the rain is that Hall has to take additional measures to prevent fungi.

When it is hotter and drier peanut diseases are less likely to spread.

“We pray that we continue to get the rainfall that we need."

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