Rapid coronavirus test approved by the FDA

Source: CDC via MGN
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) -- The Chief Medical Director for Phoebe Putney said the FDA has approved rapid Coronavirus testing as South Georgia struggles to meet the demands for COVID-19 testing.

“Many hospitals will have the capabilities to do in house testing and fortunately that will be the case at Phoebe Putney, and we anticipate probably in a two-week time frame, we intend to offer testing for COVID-19 in house,” said Chief Medical Director Steven Kitchen. “This is a significant operation and puts us in a better position to really concentrate our efforts, where they need to be."

Under the current testing engine, results can take days, and Dr.Kitchen said every day counts as people anticipate their results.

“COVID-19 is very prevalent in our community, we are actually having more people who test positive for the virus than test negative at this point," said Kitchen.

Albany leaders said the much-needed changes are important in the development to slow down the impact COVID-19 has on the city.

“We are taking drastic and swift action now in order to prevent, the economic fallout and the strain of our resources that will inevitably happen, if we do not take these measures at this point in time," said County Commission Chris Cohilas.

There is also an infectious disease specialist coming to Dougherty County. The goal is to investigate why the virus is spreading so quickly here.

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