"Rain rain, go away"- outside workers, probably

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 5:42 PM CST
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Weather affects all of us -- but it is a big factor for those who primarily work outside.

“Weather is unpredictable and it’s something that as a contractor you just have to deal with," said Dex Gilley, owner of Gwendolyn Gilley Construction.

At any moment home developers can have numerous housing projects in the works.

“Right now we have about 16 foundations going in the ground and developments of about roughly 250 home sites," Gilley says.

With the start of the year being a wet one and even more rain forecasted to come this week, Gilley says home construction projects often get delayed due to those wet conditions.

“Weather on our timeline will increase that by, on average, 21-percent.”

Thanks to modern technology, Gilley can factor in rain days when setting deadlines for housing contracts; helping with timing and costs.

“If you haven’t planned that into your contracts you could be in a bad situation."

Even when the foundation for the home is perfect, without perfect weather conditions, delays are still made to prevent even further delays.

“Because that rain just keeps coming, not only can we not work there when it’s raining, we can’t work there until after about a day of sunshine, which is hard to come by right now, because you’re going to get stuck,” he says.

But it’s not just housing projects that are impacted by bad weather.

Public works projects around towns and cities also suffer setbacks due to rainy days.

“Everything we do, whether it’s cutting grass, whether it’s doing concrete work or asphalt work, dirt work whatever we’re having to do, it’s all outside and it all depends on the weather and predominantly here it’s rain" explains Charles Metzger, public works director for Dothan.

Rain not only impacts current projects but roads and infrastructure as well.

“You get a lot of potholes because of the rain. The rain just gets into these cracks and things and busts the asphalt up" Metzger explains.

Whether it’s housing construction or public works, one thing to remember is these things take time and no one can control the weather.

Metzger says “so people are going to have to be aware during that time of all the things that are going on."

"I understand people getting frustrated. Everybody gets in a hurry. Everybody wants to be where they want to be" he continued.

Projects are likely to be delayed at least one more day -- with rain expected in our area on Thursday.

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