Puppies rescued after being found near dumpster and coated in motor oil

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BAY COUNTY, FL -- (WTVY) Local animal experts are debunking a pet home remedy myth after seeing the plight of a trio of abandoned puppies.
"My immediate reaction was we had to help them," Amy Shepherd, founder of Heartland Rescue Ranch, said.

It was a race against the clock to get help for the puppies.

"There were some puppies that seemed to have a severe case of mange that were found by a dumpster and coated in motor oil," Shepherd said.

Mange is a skin disease where dogs can have mites, but animal experts and lovers alike fear home remedies are doing more harm than good.

"This is the first time we've seen any covered in motor oil. From what we're learning, this may have been an old wives' tale of how to cure mange," Shepherd said.

Dr. Kristen Faggert at Gulf Coast Animal Hospital said, "Some believe it actually came from the veterinary field, long, long time ago, but it definitely does not work. In fact, it's like I said, very harmful, can be fatal."

One of the puppies passed away, but the other two, Tiny and BB, are being cared for at the animal hospital.
Those who work there were concerned Tiny wouldn't make it.

"So they both had Demodectic mange or Demodex mite, Tiny, however, was very anemic as well on presentation and she required a blood transfusion," Dr. Faggert explained.

Four-legged friend Finn, a more than 140 pound Great Dane/Anatolian Shepherd mix, came to lend a helping paw.

"We are just so blessed that he was available," Dr. Faggert said.

He was an identical match to donate blood.

"Like people have blood types, dogs have two different types and so like I said, we got very lucky because they were a match," she said.

As these two pups are on the mend, the next step is to find a perfect match for their new homes.

If you're interested in giving them a fur-ever home, contact Heartland Rescue Ranch. If you can't adopt, but would still like to help out, you may send donations to:

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