Pumpkin crop benefits from drier weather

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MALVERN, AL. (WTVY) -- It's been such a hot and dry year across southern Alabama.
A lot of crops have suffered because of it...but not pumpkins.

The days are getting shorter and Fall is less than two weeks away.
Although you wouldn't know it with 18 straight days and counting at 90 degrees or hotter.
But this stretch has actually helped Wiregrass pumpkins.

"We make a better pumpkin crop when we have drier weather," said Aplin Farms owner John Aplin. "They don't like so much heat, but they like drier weather. All of them are irrigated. As long as we can keep them irrigated and keep them alive, they will make a better pumpkin crop in a dry year than a wet year."

When Hurricane Michael struck 11 months ago, Aplin Farms lost nearly half of their regular business.
So with nine healthy acres of pumpkins now, they're ready for the season.

"We want our pumpkins to get ready right before we open. We open on September 28 this year for pumpkin season. We want the pumpkins to just start to get ready so they stay fresh and nice all the way through the month of October," said John Aplin.

Aplin Farms has nearly 25 varieties of pumpkin types and colors this year. So there are several pretty choices to pick from this fall, whether you're displaying or making pies.

Corndodgers Farm, with its huge corn maze, also opens September 28.

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