Publix changes store hours due to coronavirus

Store shelves have emptied quickly due to the threat of the coronavirus.
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Dothan, AL - The growing number of coronavirus cases is causing many businesses to alter their plans.

A trip down the toilet paper aisle at a Montgomery Publix grocery store Friday night showed every package had been stripped from the shelves by concerned customers looking to stock up.

Publix now says, as of March 14, it will close its store at 8 p.m. until further notice as a way of better serving its customers. The closures will help crews by giving them more time for preventative sanitation, as well as time to restock their shelves.

Publix isn’t the only company affected. Others include Apple, which is temporarily closing all of its stores worldwide. Cruise ship companies are halting trips from the U.S. Even the Disney theme park empire is announcing it will close.