Inside or outside how to protect your pet from the sun

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DOTHAN,AL (WTVY) — People across the U.S. are preparing for the solar eclipse, but many are wondering if it will have any effect on pets and wildlife.

Wildlife experts say we can expect to see and hear behavior in animals, normally reserved for twilight during the eclipse.

This will include an increase in bird calls.

Nocturnal insects like mosquitoes may begin biting and bats hunting.

National Geographic is reporting that cows may lie down and chickens will go back inside their coops.

They say spiders may even consume their own webs.

But could it harm your pet's vision?

Veterinarian Dr. Ben Garrett says:
"Well all animals can be affected if they look at the sun during the eclipse. They can get eclipse blindness just like people can."

Garrett says if you want to protect your pet's eyes you should bring them into the house or get them special eclipse glasses.

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