Protecting spring plants from the next round of cold weather

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DOTHAN, Ala (WTVY) - As wet weather moves out, colder air is returning to the Wiregrass.

Unfortunately, many plants have already bloomed, leaving some concerned about the potential for a frost or light freeze.

"I think the worst anybody would have is a little wilting, maybe a little burn,” says J.D. Booner, owner and manager of Dothan Nurseries. “I don't think it's gonna get cold enough to kill anything."

Temperatures could fall to near freezing Thursday and Friday morning. But Boone has some advice to help your plants combat the chilly air.

First, it's all about location, location, location.

"If it's under a porch, up next to a wall, it's a little more insulated believe it or not, that wall soaks up heat, which gives off heat during the middle of the night."

One unique way to keep your plants warm in the cold weather is to pull out some old Christmas lights that are non-LED, drape them over your plants, and then cover with an old bedsheet.

"If you're covering something to protect it from the weather, don't use plastic,” says Boone. “Use like a bedsheet. Something that breathes. You don't want to use a sheet of plastic because it doesn't breathe-- cause that can actually hurt and burn the plant."

Keep in mind, some plants are more sensitive than others.

"Trees and shrubs are fine-- they love all this weather,” says Boone. “But any of your cutesy little flowers, I would be careful with. If anybody out there has any young vegetables, it would be something to protect and move inside if you can. And when I say inside, a garage-- it doesn't' have to be beside your bed."

Though this next cold blast will be short-lived, Boone does not advise rushing back to the garden any time soon.

"The old timers are right-- wait till Easter on a lot of these things. I've seen it freeze the night before Easter, so it would not surprise me if we get cold again."

Boone also said it never hurts to water your plants. And Tuesday's rain will-- of course-- help the cause.

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