Proposed changes for an Enterprise ordinance

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ENTERPRISE Ala.(WTVY)- Some changes could be on the way for Enterprise businesses.

The City Council is considering license increases.

The city's business license ordinance came up at last night's town hall meeting.

Changes to the fee schedule have not been reviewed in over 40 years.

The city believes its past time to make updates.

The fee amount is determined by each business's gross revenue.

Tuesday’s meeting allowed business owners the opportunity to ask questions and speak with city council members and the revenue manager.

City leaders wanted to use the opportunity to let businesses know that changes could be coming soon.

Many of the owners we talked to had mixed feelings on the proposed changes.

Debbie Gaydos owns Shopaholic.

She said, "One of the things that I wanted to know was about the business license for our vendors for our events. Was that going to be affected? And it is not going to be affected is what I was told yesterday. I was glad to hear that because it's a one day event license and it falls into a different category."

Regena Lacy co-owns All about Art.

She said, "I'm certainly not opposed to them re-addressing the schedule, but as a small business owner on the level we do business we probably won't be tremendously impacted. But I do understand there are concerns for different segments of business on the way that it's drafted. "

According to city hall records, there are more than 500 businesses in Enterprise.

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