Proposed bill would let Alabamians send part of tax refunds to border wall

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. ( — Alabama Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh, R-Anniston, wants to add a line to Alabama state income tax forms allowing people to designate a portion of their tax refunds to President Trump’s initiative to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

Marsh has introduced a bill that would allow taxpayers to donate to We Build the Wall Inc.

State law already allows taxpayers to designate portions of their return to other organizations and causes. There are 20 listed on state tax forms. Examples include the Senior Services Trust Fund, the Alabama Veterans Program, the Cancer Research Institute, and the Children First Trust Fund.

In a news release, Marsh said people in his district and around the state tell him that border security is their number one issue.

“It is obvious that many people in the Federal government have little desire to address border security, so this is an easy way for people in Alabama, if they choose, to check a box and make a donation in support of building a border wall,” Marsh said.

The state law authorizing tax refund donations says they are “charitable and nonpolitical.”

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