Prolonged drought's effect on local lake levels

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Lake life brings the pleasure of fishing, tubing, and boat riding...
While the recent drought has negatively impacted crops, lake levels are where they should be for this time of year.

The ongoing drought has impacted local crops and landscape but that is a much different story for areas along the water.
The Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint river basin encompasses lakes extending north of Atlanta beginning with Lake Lanier going south towards Apalachicola, Florida.
Walter F. George Lake, better known as Lake Eufaula, and Lake Seminole are two in our area that have near normal levels despite recent drought conditions.

Ranell Franklin who is a Natural Resources Specialist says:
"Our mean sea level is 77.5 and we are having it right around about 76.77, we really don't get into low, low conditions until we get below the 76 mark."
Terrell Stoves, Site Manager for Walter F. George Lake says:
"We've had pretty normal lake levels for this time of year we are sitting at about 187.5 to 188 lately, it fluctuates day to day..."

Lake Eufaula is about 45,000 acres making it the biggest in the area, bigger than Lake Seminole at 37,500 acres.
Because of their size, these lakes take a lot of work to maintain...
As we transition into the summer months lake levels may go down with less rainfall...

Franklin continues with:
"We do have some submerged dead snags a lot of vegetation that you don't normally see will then become exposed, it will cause us to close some of the boat ramps."

Regardless, the U-S Army Corps of Engineers says they will continue to work as if they will stay normal...
Stoves finishes with:
"We're operating under our new water control manuals we operate the entire ACF river basin as a system rather than just individual lakes and as such we're only releasing enough water now to meet our needs downstream for environmental reasons."
That has kept the lakes up pretty well with the added help from recent rains.

Lake Seminole Corps of Engineers has a Facebook page that will tell you lake levels and boat ramp closings if you have plans to be along the water.

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