Problems with Dale County Sheriff's Office radios

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OZARK, Ala. (WTVY) — Law enforcement has to be able to communicate in the field.

Sometimes, their radios are all they have.

Sheriff Wally Olson says the radio system in Dale County works perfectly, when it works but sometimes, it just doesn’t.

He says, "That’s your life line."

The Dale County Sheriff’s Office has had their digital radio system for two years.

Sheriff Olson says, safety is number one.

He says, "When it works, the clarity is good but when it doesn’t, you're in a bad situation."

Larry Daniels, E-911 Director says:
"Officer safety in the field is so important, if an officer can’t talk with dispatch, that puts their life in danger."

With no cell service in many parts of Dale County, radios are all they have.

Daniels says, "If we can't get the info from the citizens to the officers in the field, then that will put that citizen in jeopardy."

There is a meeting set up for December 5th, they will talk about the problems and what needs to be done to fix them.

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