Preparations begin for peak mosquito season

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Summer is close and so is the peak of mosquito season.

With the weeks of rain and humidity, has this season started off worse than usual?

Summer in the south could mean the beginning of an intense mosquito season.

The mix of high temperatures, humidity, and more rain over the last few weeks creates the right conditions for the population to multiply.

Dothan Public Works Supervisor, Leander Taylor, says the number of mosquitoes so far is about the same, but the rain hasn't made them easy to treat.

"The work load is gonna be kind of heavy for us because when it rains you're going to get an abundance of mosquitoes that comes out bc they breed in water."

But he gives advice to minimize the chances of bites..

"if you got grass make sure its cut because you can get water underneath..buckets, your bird baths.. and of course your pools, lakes and ponds we cannot treat because they have to be done by the residents themselves."

In order to repel mosquitoes, Monday through Thursday Dothan Public Works workers go around and spray mosquito spray in hopes of keeping their community mosquito-free.

Annie Baxter, Environmental Services
"We get in the truck and turn our sprayers on and we go down every street in Dothan and make sure all the streets are sprayed. Helps cut down on bites and viruses."

The "spray" she's referring to is a premixed formula made for adult mosquitoes. It attaches to their bodies, essentially killing them -- and their eggs.

And as far as mosquito-borne viruses like West Nile or Zica? They have traps set in certain areas..

"so there are people that come down and take those traps and test them out" make sure nothing harmful is being spread.

During the entire season, Dothan Public works will be spraying Monday through Thursday, dusk to midnight.

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