Precious pup gets head stuck in cinder block

St. Johns County Fire and Rescue got the call when the dog’s owner couldn’t free her.
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ST. JOHNS COUNTY, FL (Gray News) – Fifi the Rottweiler recently found herself in a predicament.

The 6-month-old pup likes to nose around, sometimes in places she shouldn’t be.

“Fifi was apparently sniffing around her residence and became stuck in a cinder block,” according to a post on the Facebook page for St. Johns County Fire and Rescue.

The fire department got the call when her owner couldn’t free her.

First responders tried soap and water to get Fifi’s jowls out, but that didn’t work either. The puppy was still stuck.

It was time to get serious.

“Using the Jaws of Life, firefighters were able to crack the block and free Fifi,” the department’s Facebook post said. “Fifi was uninjured and is excited to be sniffing around again.”

Remember, Fifi, no more cinder blocks.

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