Police suggest raising prices on animals at shelter

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DOTHAN, Al. (WTVY) — You might think that raising the price of animal adoptions would be a bad thing but Dothan Police say it's for the best.

To adopt an animal from the Dothan Animal Shelter, it is $25 dollars and you sign an agreement saying you'll get your furry friend spayed and neutered.

Police Chief Steve Parrish says, "That hasn’t been happening"

That’s why Chief Parrish is suggesting, raising the price to $85 for a dog and $55 for a cat, and they will take care of the fixing and micro chipping.

Parrish says, "Our adoption rate is low compared to the number of animals that we take in."

Parrish presented this recommendation to the city commission at Tuesday’s meeting.

Commissioner Beth Kenward says, "I think this is really a step in the right direction."

Right now, there are around 300 animals at the shelter.

James Leblanc is an animal control patrol officer.

He says,
"If we had spayed and neutered animals in Dothan, the stray population would be cut down tremendously."

That’s why Chief Parrish thinks raising prices will be a good thing.

"I think a no kill shelter is kind of a myth but I think we do keep enough animals on hand that if someone wants one, I hope they will get one."

The commission will vote on this at the next meeting which is December 5th.

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