Police say man arrested after setting turtle on fire and posting video to Facebook.

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Dothan- A Dothan man was arrested Wednesday on animal cruelty charges after he allegedly set a live turtle on fire and posted video of it to his Facebook account.

James Terrance Allen, 19, was arrested after numerous complaints were made to police by those who say they saw the post, according to Captain Will Benny, Commander of Investigative Services.

Benny said Allen first threatened to “lite” the turtle if he didn’t receive 100 views on Facebook. He continued this abuse of the turtle and upped his threats by saying “give me 200 views or this (expletive) is gonna die,”

Benny called the crime despicable. “Somebody who shoots a video of themselves torturing animals---what kind of person is this?” Benny said.

The turtle was taken to the Dothan Animal Shelter for rehabilitation.