Summer heat brings new dangers for pets

Are you planning on taking your pet for a walk this summer?

While summertime means summer fun for the entire family including our pets, sometimes the heat isnt best for everyone.

Animal care technician Ashley Starling warns us of the dangers of taking a stroll with our pups if that stroll is on asphalt.

Starling said that dogs "could have a slight degree burn to even a more severe degree burn" if exposed to hot asphalt.

Starling says that these burns could be even worse for younger pets or pets with soft paws, but she has some advice on how to make sure you are keeping your pet safe.

Starling says that "Just placing the back of the hand on the asphalt seeing how warm it is, if it feels pretty spicy and burns your hand chances are you should just be a little bit more aware. Ideally if you have to go outside, try to maybe walk on the grass or maybe make that time outside for a smaller time"

And for those hotter days where you need to keep a water bottle by your side starling says to "give that same consideration to your pets".