Peanut Trade Show highlights farmers' needs after Michael

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DOTHAN, AL. (WTVY) - Alabama is the second largest peanut producing state in the country.The Wiregrass alone grows more than 100,000 acres of peanuts. More than 3,000 jobs statewide are in the peanut industry.

Peanut farmers and producers from the Tri-state area convened Thursday morning for the 14th annual Peanut Trade Show at the Peanut Festival.

Even though the farmers are working for peanuts, they were going nuts over the $20,000 worth of door prizes as well as the connections they made across the area.

Hurricane Michael was of course a hot topic among the producers, especially those that lost most of last year's harvest.

"I think our attitude is going to be very important going forward because each one of us took such an emotional blow when the hurricane came through and all the rain afterwards. We suffered such a loss," said peanut producer J.P. Kelley.

The storm is estimated to have destroyed more than 300 million dollars worth of agriculture.