Paws for a Cause releases adoption contract

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(WTVY) — In advance of Thursday's Paws for a Cause the City of Dothan Animal Shelter has released the contract they will require of those bidding on the animals. The contract requires potential adopters to acknowledge, "I understand that it is my responsibility to provide adequate food, water, shelter, exercise and medical care and to care for this animal in a devoted and humane manner for the remainder of its natural life."

Winning adopters will also be required to permit in-home visits to verify the welfare of the dogs. The contract also warn adopters that all animals are micro-chipped and will be traceable to the adopter by animal service organizations nationwide.

You can read the agreement here.

The city has also opened the pre-event online auction.. Fifty-nine animals are listed online with opening bids of $100. Breeds listed include: French Bulldogs, Frenchton, Old English Bulldog, Pomeranian, and Victorian Bulldog.

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