Pathway of Life Outreach Ministry feeds the hungry and elderly

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Dothan, AL (WTVY) A local reverend and his sister have spent every Wednesday and Friday feeding the hungry this year.

Reverend Jesse Rhines and sister Sarah Hall have been serving through the Pathway of Life Outreach ministries.
Starting in January, they saved up enough to provide meals twice a week.
All of the food provided comes from money out of their own pockets.
The ministry feeds up to a 125 people each day.
Reverend Rhines moved from New Jersey where he worked as a chef for over 30 years.

He says cooking food that is healthy for the people is most important.
Rhine says:
"So I try to give them the best food they can possibly get, try to fill them all up as much as I possibly can and let them experience some new foods that they have probably never eaten before in their lives."

Once a month, they will also take 50 food baskets to senior citizens that include: eggs, bread, pasta, potatoes, and frozen meals.

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