Parents and children learn about alligators at Landmark Park

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DOTHAN (WTVY) - Tim ward has been a game warden for nearly twenty years.

In that time he's seen lots of alligators.

Alabama Game Warden Tim Ward says:

"Well if you have an issue with an alligator here in Alabama they are federally protected and state protected.

And they seem to everywhere these days.

"You’re looking at June, July, and August as the busy time for catching and relocating alligators. You may see as many as one a day sometimes depending on if it's raining all the time they’re like anything else they move in and out it may be twice a week."

Now your first instinct may be to shoot an alligator when you see it in your yard. Well you may want to think twice about that. Because shooting an alligator comes with a hefty fine.

Ward says his job though isn't just to enforcement the law it's to educate people about alligators.

He spent Friday at Landmark Park doing show and tell with these children and these gators.

"When I held it it was smushy at the bottom and it was hard at the top."

Ward says the kids walk away with a new attitude toward alligators.

And learn early if you see one call the experts.

Ward says to contact law enforcement to report an alligator on or near your property.

Enterprise Game Office: 334-347-9467

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