Panther Sports Network achieves big accomplishment

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GENEVA, Ala. (WTVY) -- A group of Geneva High School students are being recognized for their hard work and dedication. The PSN network is setting the standard for high school broadcast teams in the state.

PSN or better known as Panther Sports Network is one of three elite school broadcast programs in the state for the National Federation of High School Network. Currently the group is made up of just 3 students at Geneva High School.

"And these kids are in essence donating their time, which is why I think we try to make their experience so valuable for them so that they can get something back for the time and effort that they put into it," says technology coordinator, Ricky Nickolson.

PSN started 2 years ago, first live streaming Geneva High School sporting events. From there they expanded - adding school events and then civic events.

The hard work by this small group is paying off - being recognized by the National Federation of High Schools Network as an elite broadcast program.

"It means a lot, we've as Ricky said, we set our eyes on it the first time we found out. And over the summer we were working in Ricky's office and then Ricky just saw a tweet from Landon and said we got elite, and I was just really excited," junior, Kevin Zheng said.

Students are able to learn several areas of broadcast journalism, multi-media production, blogging skills while working for PSN. Providing a way for fans to see their favorite teams in action when they can't make it to a game in person.

"When our girls went to the state tournament and things like that when we're in school, our classes are streaming the games and watching us. So they can watch the girls. I think it's just a really big part of, like, if you can't be there to support, you can at least still watch and support from home," senior, Sara Green said.

For more information on PSN and how to live stream games visit:

PSN has made an impact in Geneva, breaking over 2,000 viewers and trippling their football viewing numbers from last year. They also have their own line of merchandise, PSN shirts and bumper stickers can be spotted at just about any community event.

"Knowing that we have the love and support back at home. say were in gulf shores fore regional's for softball or Montgomery for state, we know that we have a fan base not only for the softball players and teams but we also have a fan base for PSN. So its a really great feeling," senior, Ivey Lawson said.

Hoover and Cullman High School were also recognized as NFHS Network Elite Schools. PSN now averages 80 sporting events per year.

One of the network's founding members is Landon Adams. Adams was able to use his success with PSN to get the scholarship assistance at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, where he works with the Hawk's football program.

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