Panama City Fire officials give tips for a safer Christmas

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Panama City, Fla. (WJHG) -- Just a week before Christmas and locals are decorating and preparing for the holiday, but fire officials want to warn the public of some of the dangers that arise this time of year.

Panama City Fire Chief Kent Taylor says to keep children out of the kitchen when cooking, make sure fire alarms are working properly, and keep an extinguisher nearby.

Also, keep an eye on your heaters. Make sure they aren't too old, don't have frayed wires, and make sure extension cords aren't a trip hazard.

He also says if you're choosing a real tree, make sure it isn't dry.

"First, pick out a good tree. Once you get it home, cut the base before you put it in a sturdy stand, fill that with water and you want to water it daily to keep it moist to help it from drying out," Taylor said.

Dry trees are more prone to catching fire.

Also, make sure to use indoor decorative lights inside and outdoor ones outside.

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