Ozark woman celebrates 105th birthday

Published: Sep. 29, 2018 at 6:17 PM CDT
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So what's the secret to living pass the average human life span?

"I don't know what to say," says Loren Dyson.

Meet Loren Dyson. Dyson is turning 105 this year.

"I feel good," replied Loren Dyson.

Kathy Holland, Loren's Daughter, says “Her birthday is tomorrow, but we have so many people that travel that we try to do it on Saturday so they can get back home before Sunday."

Robert Dyson, Loren's Son, says “It just seems like today more people have come than ever before because not many people live to be 105."

When asked about their favorite memories…family members said it was too hard to narrow down to just one.

Chris Boyington, Loren's Grandson, says "There's a bunch of them, but I'd have to say her biscuits growing up."

Michelle Marek, Loren’s Grand-Daughter, says "I guess there's so many but granny makes quilts. She has, when we were little until about 18, she made my college quilt. So granny made quilts for every grandchildren."

Quilts that Michelle plans to pass on to her family.

"I have baby quilts that she made that I will give to my nephew so that they can give to their children," says Marek.

When asked about her favorite food from the celebration...

"I can't name was all good," says Loren Dyson.

One thing's for sure…Loren is a strong woman.

Walter Dyson, Loren's Son, says "Mother's always been very independent. She still takes care of herself and we're very fortunate she's lived this long without someone having to look after her."