Ozark animal shelter is looking for the publics help

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OZARK, Al. (WTVY) Calling all animal lovers. The Ozark city animal shelter needs your help. The shelter is now a "no kill" facility, but with that change comes over-population. As a woman walked into the Ozark city animal shelter noises of we just don't have any room, we just don't have the space could be heard. The Ozark city animal shelter is facing a serious problem.

"Our shelter has turned into much like Alabama’s prisons we are overloaded with wonderful, wonderful pets", said Ozark Mayor, Bob Bunting.

It was in February that the Ozark city council announced the animal shelter would become a "no kill" facility, causing more and more animals to be taken in.

"We have some surrenders… we actually have some that we go out on what we call, calls for service… we also have some that people find", said Ozark Police Chief Marlos Walker.

"We’re looking for some help. And pleading to the public to help us some", said Bunting,

The public can help by adopting some of the cat breeds like, a Maine Coon hybrid and dog breeds which include, American Bulldogs, Labradors, Australian Shepherds and Chihuahuas.

But adoption isn't the only way you can help the animal shelter.

"Help us build some, more kennels out here", said Bunting.

"We’ll accept any donation, for any animal that you pick out and you find that you think is a good match", said Walker.

If you're a cat person or a dog person, Walker said there’s certainly an animal for you.

"Come out take a look see if there's a dog that you think, ‘Hey my kid would like this or hey my wife would like this’. I think you'll find something that you can take home", said Walker.

If you are interested in adopting a pet, the animal shelter is located at 1315 Parker Drive. You can also find pictures of animals on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ozarkanimalshelter

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