Ozark Swimming Lessons

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OZARK, Ala. (WTVY) -- About one in every five people who die from drowning is a child under the age of 14.

With summer here, it could be life-saving for a child to learn how to properly swim.

“Having something here that’s convenient and close and really reasonable price has helped a lot of people get swimming lessons that couldn’t have gotten them otherwise,” said Courtney Ganz, Ozark Aquatics Director.

Although some of the cities near Ozark offer similar swimming lessons, one grandparent still chooses to come to Ozark.

“I’m coming out of Enterprise over here because I got the word of mouth about Ozark’s swimming pool and the lessons they’re giving,” said Yvonne Wiley, Grandparent.

Yvonne Wiley has a sense of relief knowing her grandchildren will have instruction on how to swim.

“I have three out here learning how to swim and it’s all about them knowing how to swim, and their safety of when they’re getting into the pool,” said Wiley.

Anybody of water can be a potential area for drowning, so knowing how to swim is important.

“Drowning is actually one of the leading causes of preventable death and it’s something I mean – for the most part, can be prevented. So for the most part just getting out here and teaching them how to swim so if they were to fall into a pool or go too deep they’d have a way to kind of – survive and make it back to somewhere safe,” said Ganz.

Wiley’s concerns have since eased after the swimming lessons.

“I was scared that they were going to drown that was the very scary part, but now since they’re in, I don’t have to worry none,” said Wiley

Ozark’s community pool offers swimming lessons every weekday except on Wednesdays.

The Ozark pool offers a variety of swimming activities throughout the week.

Those Interested can register at the Perry Recreation Center.

This is the first full season the pool will be open to the public.

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