Ozark-Dale County celebrates Dr. King

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More than a hundred people came out in Dale county to honor Dr. King with a march and a memorial service..

The march began at 9am. Antwan Hillsman, Local Activist, says "In Ozark, we've had a celebration on the Martin Luther King holiday and this is our efforts to make sure that those who faded, those who have gone on, and those who remain both understand his legacy and his work."

Hillsman volunteered to speak at this year's memorial march in Downtown Ozark.

"I'm drawing on the spirit of King as...not just as a speaker but as a revolutionary, a radical, an insurrectionary who led a movement for justice," says Hillsman.

Hillsman says when he speaks he hopes he will be a reminder to people of Dr. King's movement.

"Hopefully, I will act as a reminder that justice, that movement is unfinished...we still have work to do, there's still work to be done," replied Hillsman.

After the memorial march, which started at the Dale County Courthouse, the celebration continued at Greater Sardis Missionary Baptist Church.

Fred Flowers, Pastor, says "Every year, the Ozark-Dale County Ministerial Alliance celebrates the legacy because we want to keep it going."

To keep it going and keep moving forward.

"We have a better life because Dr. King fought for justice and not only justice, equal rights for all...not just only black, white, and whoever. I remember and now that I'm old, we got to keep the dream alive," replied Flowers.

"King has been summarized by four words. He actually has an entire intellectual philosophy, he has an entire movement behind him and he represented a movement. I think in order to commemorate him correctly, we should be upfront about that and we should be direct in our ways of approaching him," says Hillsman.

Reverend Schmitt Moore delivered the keynote address at the remembrance service. He is the pastor at the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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