Ozark Dale County Library taking next steps toward new building

3D rendering of the new Ozark Dale County Library.
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OZARK, Ala. (WTVY) The Ozark Dale County Library is taking its next step toward moving to a new location in a couple of years.

Floor plans and the location of the new building can be seen right as you walk inside the door of the library. Another thing you might notice is how old the building is.

The building was built in the 1950s, and is not very well-built for today's demands that come with technology. That started the whole process of looking for a potential move into a more modern building.

While the floor plans for the new building going in at the corner of North Union Avenue and Peacock Parkway are done, there's still a ways to go before construction starts. Most importantly--money still needs to be raised.

The library is scheduling a meeting to start a fundraising committee. The committee will help plan, organize, and put on fundraising events to build funds for construction of the new building. Numerous volunteer options are available for those wanting to participate.

The meeting will be on Thursday, February 6 at 11 am or 5 pm. It will be located in the west wing of the Board Room at 416 James Street in Ozark.

Those wanting to become a committee member should contact Joni at 334-774-5480 or e-mail ill@troycable.net by February 4.

Groundbreaking on the site for the new building is currently scheduled for November 2022.