Ozark Animal Shelter transitions into a "no kill" center

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OZARK Al. (WTVY) - Shelters in the Wiregrass go above and beyond to protect the animals that come through waiting for a home. That is why Ozark City officials passed an ordinance to change their shelters into a “no kill” center.

"I'm very excited. These dogs don't have to worry about getting put down at any point, we can keep them for a long time and it makes it a lot easier on us,” said supervisor of the Ozark City Animal Shelter Steven Hoage.

When Hoage is not at work surrounded by the loving animals at the shelter, he's with his own 8 dogs and 20 cats back home! He's the definition of a true animal lover and was relieved when he found out the rules have changed.

Before the ordinance was passed, healthy cats and dogs would be put down after 30 days.

"We're not in the business to make money, we're in the business to save beautiful animals,” said Mayor Bob Bunting of Ozark.

Mayor Bunting has had many dogs throughout his life. He said changing to a “no kill” shelter is something he's wanted to do for a while now.

"It's all because of irresponsible human beings that they're there in the first place,” added Bunting. “People have pets they don't take care of them, they don’t spay or neuter them and they let them run loose."

Hoage said since the shelter became a no kill zone, adoptions have gone up and they hope to see the same with fosters.

You can call the shelter at (334) 774-4633 or stop by if you are interested in fostering. Fair warning- Hoage said since he’s been there, every person who’s fostered has ended up adopting!

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