Organ donor recipient encourages others to donate during National Donate Life Month

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DOTHAN, AL. (WTVY) - "We're so appreciative that this happened because the last 10 years of my life have been some of the best 10 years of my life," said Stanley Gann,

It's all thanks to this young man…Dylan Faircloth.

June Faircloth, Dylan's Mom, says "I lost my teenage son in 2010. He was a registered donor."

June Faircloth says she wasn't surprised when Dylan became an organ donor because they had those conversations.

"Of course I was thrilled, but it wasn't surprising because we already knew that-that's what we wanted to do," replied Faircloth.

Stanley Gann, Dylan's Heart Recipient, says "We were just fortunate enough to be part of it which is fortunate on one part but not so fortunate on the other."

Those who knew him best say Dylan was a man of many talents.

"He graduated in 2010 He had been a Duke scholar since seventh grade…he'd been to Duke every year. He was the cross-country team captain and had been very active in sports," said Faircloth.

Sissi Gann, Stanley's Wife, says "He was a brilliant young man, brilliant young man. He was a Christian, a fine young person…"

"He loved to eat, that was his favorite thing. He loved to eat and he loved to dress for the women. Those were just kind of things…loved people, really cared about others…and you don't realize the impact of how many lives they've touched until they're gone," said Faircloth.

Stanley Gann says there're two phone calls that make you nervous…

"One of them is the doctors when they say you're "on" and then the next one is from the donor's momma," replied Stanley Gann.

When that phone call came two weeks after receiving Dylan's heart…

"My wife answered the phone and she looked at me and said "It's her!" and we knew who "her" was," replied Stanley Gann.

"I know that to be able to hear my son's heart beating and know that he saved someone else's life through all the organs he donated…it helps to keep his memory alive for me," said Faircloth.

During April, Donate Life America celebrates 58% of U.S. adults who have registered their decision to make life possible as an organ, eye, or tissue donor when they die.

Raina Wood, Regional Donation Specialist for Legacy of Hope, says "My dad who raised me, he is actually a kidney recipient and I've watched how his life has went on and how he has done great things after he received a kidney transplant."

This year's theme for Donate Life month is 'Life is a Beautiful Ride.'
With activities like Blue and Green Day and A Celebration of Life Picnic taking place in Birmingham, Alabama…you've got several opportunities to celebrate the gift of transplantation.

"I kind of got Dylan in mind with what I do and what I try to do…I'm sure I can't keep up with him," said Stanley Gann.

"I know that God let Dylan choose Stan…there's no doubt about it. Stan and one of the kidney recipients are the only ones I've met…Dylan was able to donate and save six people," said Faircloth.

"I just love their story and I watch Ms. June celebrate Dylan's life through donation," replied Wood.

"Everybody ought to consider donating and my excuse for a long time was, they don't want any of my parts…but they do," replied Stanley Gann.

Those who say yes are saying yes to a gift of trying to extend someone's life.

In honor of National Donate Life Blue and Green Day, you are encouraged to wear blue and green to spread awareness.

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