Opp cheer team comes home as national champs

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 10:30 PM CST
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The City of Opp is celebrating after the bobcat cheerleading squad made history. Winning a national championship against some of the nation's best squads.

The Opp cheer team has won back to back state championships the last 4 years.

So on February 7th, they were able to turn their biggest dream into a realty.

"So going into nationals its always been a dream of ours to win nationals and so every single year since our freshman year we've progressed more and more to that point," Garyn Blair, senior cheerleader said.

As they came home as national champions.....

"In game day I was just hoping to make it to semi's because it was our first year even advancing to semi's and then when we made it to finals, we were extactic to get that far," Lorrie Harrison, head coach of Opp cheer said.

The team competed in the game day division at the UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship in Orlando, Florida.

"Basically a spirit routine, more like a pep rally or what we do on a game day and we put it into a 3 minute routine. And it consists of a band dance, sideline like a defense sideline, a competition cheer, and then our fight song," Blair said.

The team competed five times before advancing to finals and for many their last time stepping on the mat.

"I pretty much told them that like this is mine and Garyn's last shot to make a legacy, to keep this legacy going. And I just tried to instill in them that if y'all want to keep going, just like we have and want to be as successful as we have as a senior group, y'all need to want it for your team and not just for yourself," Makenna Mcdonnell, senior cheerleader said.

For some it's more than just winning a championship...

"Well just for personal experience, my daughter is in the 5th grade and she went to nationals with us and Sunday night and she was in the living room doing cheers. I was just like what made you to get into the living room today and do cheers and she said because I want to be like opp high school cheerleaders," Harrison said.

It was about leaving a legacy for the future generations of Opp cheer.

"Going on different journeys, going to college and stuff, it's just to say that we did our best in high school cheerleading, that we worked hard all four years, that we left a legacy that this next team will have to live up to," Blair said.

The Opp cheer team was also runner-up in traditional division at nationals as well.

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