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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WAFF) -- Alabama’s primary election is just two weeks away, and today is your last chance to register. In-person and mail-in registration ended last week. Online registration ends today.

Visit to register.

If you think you’re registered already, take a minute to make sure. Click here to check your status. Alabama law will mark voters inactive if they don’t participate after a certain amount of time.

Now you can get a look at who you’ll be asked to vote for when you head to the polls. Alabama’s Secretary of State’s office has posted the sample ballots for the March primary election.

Under Alabama law, voters do not register with a party, but rather ask for either a Republican or Democratic ballot when they arrive at their polling place.

Remember, if you ask for a Democratic ballot in the primary election, you will not be allowed to cross over and vote in a Republican runoff - or vice-versa. Once the November general election comes, you’re once again free to vote for whomever you like.

Click here to see ballots from all 67 counties and find the ones you’ll need.

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