One student vouches for Virtual School following informational meeting

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Dothan City Schools will continue to offer an alternative learning program to high school students.

Tuesday night, they answered parents' questions about virtual school.

Ranleigh Hall will be a junior at Northview High School, but she's not your traditional student. She says,"I am able to graduate early, which is my goal. So i plan on graduating early.. this year actually."

For some students, the classroom isn't the best learning environment. And now they have an alternative where they can learn at their own pace, their own schedules and in their own environments.

It's called virtual school. It is an online program designed to help students advance their learning experiences.

Ranleigh has taken all of her classes online for the past 2 years, and she knows they are perfect for her.

"Virtual school.. its very.. you! You get to have your own pretty much everything. I get to be my own teacher which is pretty amazing.. i learn better by myself than when i am around a bunch of loud teenagers.."

But online school doesn't come without stipulations. Although it is convenient, the courses are as challenging online as they would be in person.

Scott Faulk with Dotahn City Schools says, "The only component we do ask them to do is.. you have to be a self motivator, you have to be a self starter. You have to be someone who can reach goals without somebody to push you to reach those goals if you want to be successful in this program."

"Virtual school is for non-traditional students, and i think that its just a really amazing option for anyone who just doesn't thrive in a school environment." -- Ranleigh Hall

Last year 30 students were enrolled.
Leaders hope that number doubles this school year.

Once school starts, students who are already enrolled have 21 days to decide whether or not they want to stay in the program or revert back to a traditional setting.

If you would like to now more information on the program and how to register your child, you can visit the Dothan City Schools website at .

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